Birthday Bombs

Birthday Bombs

Birthday Bombs

Ever wanted to do something different on your Friend’s Facebook Wall?

Tired of posting HAPPY BIRTHDAY?

Now from the creative team at comes Birthday Bombs!
You can “Birthday Bomb” your friends on their Facebook Profile “MiniPics”.
#1 – Watch the video below to see HOW TO upload your MiniPics.
#2 – Then choose which STYLE. They’re FREE. Click one below to download!
#3 – Happy Bombing.

Just a Note

These images are copyrighted by and are FREE for personal use. Please do not re-purpose, re-sell, re-design, re-distribute or re-anything. If you like them, link to this FREE page.

Birthday Bombs ::: Happy Birthday

Birthday Bombs ::: Celebrate

Birthday Bombs ::: You Da Bomb

Birthday Bombs ::: Beautiful

Birthday Bombs ::: Over The Hill

5 Comments to Birthday Bombs

  1. I love it!

  2. Matt Clark

    Thanks Bridget… we can always count on you 🙂
    (Oh… and I can’t wait to Birthday Bomb you)

  3. Brilliant Matt!!! 🙂 And lots of fun! Thank you!

  4. Awesome Anne… Thanks 🙂 Bomb away!

  5. My birthday is coming up in June! I hope I get bombed on my birthday. LOL What a fun idea, Matt!!

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