Communicate consistent social media branding!


Welcome to the FAQ’s and HowTo’s. These are some of the Questions and HowTo’s that we’ll be posting soon (some with video tutorials)…


How do I upload a background to Twitter?

Step #1 – Click on “Settings” and then “Design” section.
Step #2 – Hit the “Change background image” button.
Step #3 – Choose file, save changes, and smile!

OR Watch This…

Watch more videos like this at our YouTube site

What does the Proofing Process for CUSTOM designs look like?

STEP ONE – Creation (proof 1)
We design 2-3 different twitter designs and show you via Video
You view and make any changes/edits/corrections

STEP TWO – Revision (proof 2)
We make changes/edits/corrections and send you final proof screenshot for approval

STEP THREE – Upload (final)
We upload the designs matching all HTML colors.

If there is something we missed we make Corrections at no charge.
If it’s something you want Changed… there is a nominal fee.

How much for making a change?

Minimum change fees (swapping some photos, editing text, moving things over, etc)
One Social Site = $33 for one social media (i.e. Twitter only, or Facebook Sidebar only, or YouTube only)
Two Social Sites = $43
Three Social Sites = $53

Medium change fees (photo editing, new graphic elements added, new copy, etc)
The maximum change fees = $75/hour

Complete Re-Design
The amount of a new background can be found at our pricing page.

I like your design so much. What else can you implement it into?

• Static web banners
• Animated web banners
• Headers for websites/blogs
• Slides for presentations
• Ebook covers

What information should I put on my background?

While there is no standard… we’ve found some success with the following ideas:

  • Less is More — keep information at a minimum!
  • Personality is Plus — use a fun photo of yourself!
  • Contact is Key — adequate ways to get in touch is helpful!
  • Get Creative — have fun & use our great backgrounds! They’re award-winning! (in our eyes)

What screen resolution are your TweetPages?

Maximum 0f 1920 x 1280 but they hit the minimum of 1024 x 768

Why does the Twitter “text content area” sometimes cover my gutter information?

The graphic (TweetPage) is a “background” which means when you re-size your browser… the “twitter content” can cover your gutter information (i.e. your photo, info, etc). Make sure your browser window is at full capacity. We design the gutter so that your information fits average screens.