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Twitter upload issues…

You might have had some recent problems with uploading images to your Twitter Account lately.

On Friday, March 27 there was a bug that caused improperly sized images for backgrounds and avatars. It affected images uploaded in the days surrounding March 27th. In the attempt to fix the bug… they created another monster…

“This will cause JPG upload problems for some users but resolves the more serious mis-sizing issue. We will do a second update to resolve the JPG issue.”

So people started having problems uploading their JPG backgrounds.

They’ve had problems since then and noted on April 2, April 3, and April 6 in the Twitter Status.

What are the ERROR differences?

If you get the fail whale: “Twitter is over capacity” that means Twitter just hiccuped and try to upload the file a couple more times and it will go. Sometimes the place just gets crowded.

If you get the alien bomb: “Something is technically wrong” that means that it won’t allow you to upload the graphic. This is a Twitter problem (which I’m sure they’re attempting to find a solution quickly).

As of now… Twitter allows:


Images must be smaller than 800k. GIF, JPG, PNG.


GIF is the least of the qualities – but great if you have animation (which Twitter does not allow — which I’m thankful — we don’t want all the glitter from MySpace).

JPG is the best of these that allows the greatest compression. I can take a 5Mb design and compress below 800k.

PNG is great when you need transparency. Depending on the colors/complexity… the PNG can sometimes out-compress the JPG.

So what does this mean for our TweetPages?
Great question. First… send out a Tweet to @twitter to let them know that you too are feeling the pain and that you hope the remedy is close at hand. Please be diligent, but nice.


Second… be patient… they should have a solution and then we’ll all be able to upload soon.

Is this for ALL graphic formats?
Nope… we’ve seen it mainly with the JPG format only. Although the GIF we uploaded was there… then not… then there again. So who knows.

-M@tt Clark   ///   TweetPage Connoisseur

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