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This is the story of how TweetPages began...

The Clark Family, as a whole, comes out of ministry. Along the journey, Matt always kept his fingers ever-active in creative endeavors.

Below is a quick and random timeline:


Matt and Steph get married during the Storm Of The Century


Between ministry jobs — Matt gets a job at a local KINKO’s Desktop Publishing Department. Is introduced to Apple computers and never goes back.


Matt comes home and says to his wife, “Babe, I’d like to start my own design business”. Since she was a full-time public School Teacher (and without kids) — it was the right time to try out my entrepreneurial sea-legs. was born.


Back in ministry.


Matt and Steph (and mainly Steph) give birth to a boy. They call him Bailey.


Re-launches Image Designs and focuses on designs for churches. Matt successfully contracted with 3 churches — creating ALL their branding, message series, event and capital campaign designs.

December 2007

At the end of 2007, beginning of 2008… we lose our first contract due to economy.

February 2008

Only ONE contract left. We lost two-thirds of our income.

April 2008

Matt joins Twitter because Phil tells him about this social network.

The story continues...

I jumped on and realized that I could create my own Twitter background. So I did. That led to a friend who asked if I could create one for them. This led to another friend asking if I can create a background for their Non-Profit organization. He said to leave your Image Designs logo on there.

Out of the blue… David Damore (@Admore) DM’d me and asked, “How much are your backgrounds?”

I said, “What? How much? People would buy these?” — that began a 5 month journey.

In August of 2008 we launched — first providing Twitter backgrounds. We now offer matching YouTube, Facebook Sidebars and Facebook FanPages.

During a time  when the economy was sinking… we were launching a new business.

Sometimes when you realize the boat is sinking and your bucket has a hole in it… you figure out a way to empty the water.

A little about The Clarks...

  • We love to hang out with each other — yes… even our kid.
  • We homeschool and believe that education is not only academics… but also experience and life-lessons.
  • We get to eat three square meals together, everyday.
  • We love to play the Wii, board games and watch great movies.
  • We live out our faith through practical steps each day. And believe that God has, and always will, desire relationship with us.
  • My wife is a Left-brain (planner/organizer), I’m a Right-brain (creative/communicator), and we’re unfolding to see what our son will become (he may actually have both sides of a brain) 😉
9 Responses
  1. Your story is funny, inspiring, heart warming and scary all at the same time! I love the way you (as a family) have worked through ups and downs and persisted. A saying I like is: “Yes, God moves mountains, but you need to bring your shovel”. I am sending you positive thoughts (I believe in the power of prayer) and am looking forward to your financial success (you already have success at many other levels). Keep upi the good work!

  2. Greetings Pam,

    Thanks for the comment and compliment 🙂 Indeed, sometimes we forget the “willingness and readiness” of showing up with a shovel. While God may chuckle when I show up with a meager shovel, He realizes that I’m ready to do whatever needed — to accomplish “His movement”.
    Love that saying 🙂 (I might have to turn that one into a message someday)
    Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. Matt,

    Happy Memorial Day! I heard about you guys from Michael Hyatt and I thought I would check you out. One of the first things that I do is check out the “About,” page to see who I’m dealing with. I was really blessed by you and your family’s testimony. As a Pastor and Entrepreneur I want to encourage you guys to keep doing what you are doing. Your message is one that should be heard by as many people that will listen. I’m very interested in utilizing your services and I hope to connect with you very soon. Keep up the great work!

    Best Blessings,

    Randy Wilburn

  4. Thanks Randy for the compliments and encouragement! Thanks for checking us out. Let me know if you have ANY questions about our services.

  5. I give Matt, Steph and Bailey my highest recommendations! It is such a priviledge to meet others who have a heart for serving the Lord and who do stellar work! Blessings to you all. 🙂 Christy Demetriades, Ph.D.

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