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Remembering 911 is sometimes a difficult task to accomplish. It’s not for a lack of sadness of life lost or that I’m callous to the tragedy. But because over the years the memory begins to heal.

Don’t get me wrong… for those ‘closer to home’ — I’m sure the scar is much deeper than my experience. Nonetheless, time does it’s job and life’s indigestion begins to bring new pains to deal with. The memory that sat on the forefront of my mind now requires purposeful concentration to bring back those feelings.

This is why we take time to REMEMBER. So that we can look to the past — at these indelible moments — and concentrate on how we can change the future. It doesn’t seem that an event so big and atrocious can be something that would be in our power to change. However, the principles are accessible and it starts with individual responsibility. Life is short and unexpected so try these on for size…

  1. Take time to share your love and affection with your family and friends.
  2. Resist & remove animosity toward those that you consider your enemy.
  3. Consider the role you play in this world and live it to the fullest.
  4. Be thankful for what you have been given.

Seems quite simple, but all very difficult to implement. Practicing these principles sheds hostility and spreads encouragement to others.

During this 911 season take time to remember…

  • those that lost their life in the wake of the attack,
  • those that gave their life in the fight for human recovery,
  • and those that were left behind in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Matt, Steph and Bailey (TweetPage Team)

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