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The Russell Home


This is Karen who works at Circle Christian School. Circle offers classroom experiences for homeschool families in Central Florida. Karen is on staff at Circle and she is the Campus Manager and Volunteer Service Coordinator Her love for serving the community and encouraging students to lead makes this the perfect position.

She has been volunteering for the last 4 years at The Russell Home. The Russell Home is the first non-profit institution for brain-damaged children in the country. Children and adults ranging from 8 years old to 62 years old live at the home. In 1951, “Grandma’’ Russell took in her first special needs child. One was literally dropped off at the front door in a basket. It has been since passed down to her daughter and getting ready to pass to the 3rd generation grand-daughter.

In February – Karen and the students at Circle began brainstorming ways to raise money. They put in motion a 5k, Fall Festival, Silent Auction with paid Vendors.

In March Karen shared the plan with Benji – a 45 year old with Cerabal Palsy living at The Russell Home. Benji shared with Karen not to tell the other kids. Because over the years, many people have come and gone and promised to raise money. The kids would get excited (dreaming of new curtains) and nothing ever happened. Benji said to keep it a secret.

Keep fundraising a secret? Hard way to raise money.

But Karen didn’t tell anyone (even staff) at the Russell Home. Time goes by and they had only raised $100 dollars of the $2500. Then on June 4th Karen’s mother passed away. She debated on turning in the $100 and calling it a day. After all nobody knew about the plan. Then she visited the Russell Home and Benji called her from the other room. Guess what Miss Stella… I told everyone about our secret!

The cat was out of the bag!

So Karen and Circle Students started to brainstorm on ways to raise money. They had their sights on $2500 total. But after receiving her first $1,000 and a challenge to go higher… she did. They’re goal is to raise 25k for The Russell Home.

Why am I telling you? You guessed it. I’m looking for help. TweetPages has donated and it’s your turn. I know this is not a fun economy to raise money… but I’m asking for you to donate.

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