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I’ve “skipped” before.
I don’t mean the hippity-hoppity-stride that comes naturally to children. I mean omit, miss out, pass over — to give something a miss.

I know… in our society it’s not common to ‘give something a miss’ — we’re so busy trying to make sure we hit our mark. However, this is one time you’ll want to SKIP something. is an organization that does just that. They encourage and implore people to Skip something. It’s as simple as skipping a coffee, a favorite treat, a car wash, a pizza on Friday nights, a haircut, a beer, a manicure, a video rental, a cab fare or a 1SaleADay deal… I could go on. It’s best said through this video…

All public donations go to the acquisition and distribution of food and water projects worldwide.

Don’t miss the principle!

There are a variety of causes that you can support by sending your money or giving of your time. And the great thing is — you get to choose! So whether you choose Skip1Org or another reputable cause doesn’t matter as much as the principle of GIVING. The big picture is that it takes all of us as individuals, entrepreneurs, neighbors, CEOs, and humans to make a collective change. It’s not really common to give up something that benefits your business. But what if we all skipped something, to profit a hungry child? Let’s focus on the NEW way of business — conscientious companies that give back in big and small ways. — “Put Feet To It” and decide today to do YOUR part to contribute. I encourage you to think about something you can SKIP today! Try it… you’ll LIKE it 🙂



Here is a graph from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)


Want to know more?

Here are 8 questions that you might be asking and can be found on FAO website.
1. What is chronic hunger?
2. Who is most at risk of hunger?
3. Where do the hungry live?
4. How does FAO measure hunger?
5. When did FAO start counting the hungry?
6. How can hunger be reduced?
7. What are the hunger targets?
8. What does FAO do to fight hunger?

Join us

We recently designed Skip1.Org’s FanPage and skipped the payment.

Head over to their FanPage to help. Every LIKE = $1 dollar!



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