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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Time change, longer days, a season of growth and moving forward are all synonymous with Spring. Inevitably, every March, this also includes our website. Changes to our website gives a fresh perspective of what needs to be done. It helps knock off the cobwebs of old pages, revitalize past ideas and allow us to create much needed NEW content.

This also serves as a time to evaluate what we offer (in our services), our pricing AND (most importantly) if we’re doing anything outside of our “strength-arena” that distracts from what we do best. We all know that sometimes we get distracted by offering too much. So we’ve fine-tuned our design offerings to better serve our clients.

We’ve also refreshed our website with a brand new theme called BREEZE. It’s packed with powerful shortcodes and flexibility in the design. We think it serves our purpose and look much better.

Questions to ponder:

Do you plan spring cleaning for your website?
Do you fine-tune your service offerings?

Are you looking to refresh your blogsite?

Below is a list of WordPress themes that we have used and are partial to. They range from great designs with limited customization to limited creativity but extensive flexibility.


Pro: Great designs. Added feature of the “shortcodes”
Con: Limiting in sidebar variance & flexibility of changing the overall look.


Pro: Ability to add additional sidebars yourself, as well as, adding full width, 2 column & 3 column options. Many Plugins built for Genesis.
Con: Initial Designs are basic.


Pro: Variety of themes and designs. Some have tremendous power under the hood.
Con: Some have lousy options built in and are clunky to work with.

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