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The New YouTube

On December 1st, YouTube introduced their NEW Channels. This brings both excitement and frustration. Excitement because the NEW look contributes to a cleaner and simpler design. Frustration because many of the navigational elements have been moved. It will be a learning curve to get used to it… but it’s not impossible by any means. Actually I like some of the “Less is More” look and feel.

Below you’ll find a video, notes, and links to help you pilot through the seas of uncertainty.

NOTES about the NEW Channels design:

  • Avatars can be up to 1600×1600 pixels. It will be resized to be 36 x 36 pixels on many locations on the site.
  • New Channel width is 970 pixels.
  • You can choose which Tab you desire to be the Default View.
  • There are four new layout templates to choose from.
  • The Title Header can only be 64 characters long.
    How long is that? Pretty long.
    You can type or copy & paste some symbols;
    Head over to Letter Count to test your slogan out.

Here are some PROS and CONS


Simple Design allows for better focus on Video
Channel Title can be customized up to 64 characters.
Friends/Subscribers not visible (to clutter up the design)
Sharing and Connected Accounts options is better
Search on the channel



Absolute background color not changeable from YouTube “Gray”
Cannot manipulate the sections.
Channel Title background color not changeable.
Friends/Subscribers not visible (for others to see)


Here are some links that you might be interested in:

Switching Back:

1. Click on EDIT CHANNEL
2. then “Switch back to the old channels design”

I would recommend getting used to the NEW YouTube. Eventually everyone will be involuntarily relocated.


Design Measurements:

We’ve attached below a simple PDF with the measurements (in pixels)
Of course you can always count on us to create a custom background for consistent branding across your social media platforms. Check out our PORTFOLIO!

Leave a comment below about what you LOVE or HATE about the New YouTube Channel.

OR what you can’t find on the new channel and we’ll put together a Video with some answers to your questions.

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