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I’m excited to announce that Steph (my beautiful wife) will be returning to TweetPages on a more regular basis. For some of you… you haven’t met her. For others… you might not have realized that she was even gone. Either way, she took on a teaching position this past year and this position has ended on April 25. While her priority is our family and our son’s homeschooling… she will be free to do MORE correspondence, scheduling, and updates. She will start back on Monday, May 2nd.

While I will be creatively designing and consulting with you… she will be scheduling and corresponding.

Let me tell you about Stephanie…

  • If I’m the Creative Guru… she’s the Organizational Guru.
  • She has attention to detail and timeliness.
  • She’s a Wife, Mother, and a Home-Educator Specialist who lives out her life through instilling academic and spiritual truths in the hearts of families.
  • She is my beautiful wife of 18 years of marriage (23 years of dating + marriage)
  • Her input is tremendously warranted and valuable in our family business
  • Our talents/giftedness are complimentary and we learn from each other on a continued basis.
  • And finally, she constantly inspires me strive to be a better person.

  • Let me tell you about her role…

    She will serve as the office manager (with a creative title to be commenced by me soon)
    • Daily corresponding via email and attending to any follow up.
    • Scheduling design jobs, creative consulting, and speaking opportunities that I would engage in.
    • And finally… she will provide the office with much needed attention and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on a regular basis!
    While her emails might include facts, figures, schedules, etc (which is beneficial to the turnaround and creative process of your design) she is excited at developing solid relationships which empowers effective communication.

    What this means…

    This frees me up to work in my giftedness of creativity and communication. I may not be directly responding to your emails… but will have full attention to your inquiries/needs. You will still be able to communicate with me directly… it will just be scheduled and even more purposeful. The goal is NOT to separate the creative guru from you — but to make our communication more effective. You can’t get any more purposeful than that. She’s my Purpose Driven Wife 🙂

    Understand this is a work in progress as we establish our system… so be patient with us as we mess up along the way.
    I look forward to our continued relationship and believe the advantage is TREMENDOUS for you.

    Feel free to welcome Stephanie by sending her a comment below 🙂

    PS – help us come up with a creative TweetPage title for her… reply below!

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